About Us

One day, while I was browsing Reddit, waiting for my new SteelSeries mech to ship to me, when I came across the world of custom mechanical keyboards and its various Groupbuys. I had used many pre-builts, including Razer, Ducky, etc, but this was something new. 

Soon after, having gone through many different variety of boards, switches, keycaps, etc, I realized that there truly was something for everyone. With this newfound curiosity, I began to seek out a board that would fit what I looked for in a keyboard.

By dragging two of my friends into the hobby with me, I created TastyKeys with the goal of envisioning keyboards that I sought out within the vast options in the world of custom mechanical keyboards. We will bring what we like in keyboards to the community in hopes that people can also find what they truly enjoy in the hobby.