Exchanges & Returns

  •  Do you accept returns or exchanges?
    • Generally, we do not accept returns or exchanges. If there are quality issues to your products, we will help to the best of our ability. However, this is granted and resolved on a case-by-case basis. As a general rule, all sales are final
  • Will you combine orders for me? 
    • As of now, we are unable to combine shipping for orders. 
  • I just received my product. There are defects/quality issues. 
    • Please contact us at support@tastykeys.com.


Shipping -

  • What is the processing time for in-stock items? 
    •  All in-stock items will be shipped out within 3 business days. Most orders will ship out faster.
  • My shipping is so expensive. Why?
    • We are using the shipping prices Shopify offers, so the shipping prices are not within our control. Please understand that our top of the line keyboards are hefty and hence command a higher shipping cost. 
  • Where are you guys located? 
    • We are in Southern California, USA.
  • Can I change my shipping address?
    • Yes. Please email support@tastykeys.com. Include the order number along with the new shipping address. Additional shipping charges may arise.

Support - 

  • Can you edit my order?
    • If the item has not shipped, been packaged, or been ordered (Groupbuy items), email support@tastykeys.com and customer service will help with editing your order. 
  • I haven't heard back after emailing you. What's up with that?
    • Emails will be answered within 2 business days, to the best of our abilities. If you have not received a reply within the allotted timeframe, please send another email. 
  • Can I use Discord, Instagram DMs, or Reddit for support?
    • Please use the support email for any issues. We will not be able to respond to all DMs and messages on other platforms. 


Keyboards! -

  • What is included in a keyboard kit?
    • Generally speaking - the case, PCB, one plate, and respective screws and rubber/foam parts such as feet and gaskets. Sometimes, there will be other miscellaneous extras as well.
  • What else do I need to fully build out the keyboard? 
    • You will need the appropriate amount of switches for the layout, stabilizers, and keycaps. Those are not included in keyboard kits, and are not sold on our store at the moment, so please keep that in mind before purchasing.
  • What constitutes an "A-Stock" or a "B-Stock"?
    • Please refer to our Quality Disclaimer
    • TastyKeys reserves the right to dictate the condition of the product. All sales are final unless otherwise noted. 


Group Buys

  • What is a Groupbuy, and how does it work? 
    • A Groupbuy is a pre-order where payment is collected ahead of time. After the window for orders close, the order is sent to the manufacturer and produced. As a result, products sold under the Groupbuy disclosure will be always be accompanied by an estimated ship date. 
    • As is the nature of Groupbuys, there are a variety of reasons that can contribute to delays. Manufacturer holidays, shipping delays, etc. could lead to products being delivered after the estimated ship date. This is not a valid reason to cancel an order, but we will try our best to deliver products to the listed timeline. 
  • Where can I find updates about Groupbuy products? 
    • You can find them in the Updates tab on the store, or in the Updates channel of the discord server. 
  • Are Groupbuy products refundable? I changed my mind after my purchase. 
    • All Groupbuy sales are final and there are no exchanges or returns. Please understand the nature of Groupbuys before purchasing if the format is of any concern to you. 
  • Are Groupbuy spots transferable? 
    • Groupbuy spots are non-transferable and non-refundable. Please understand the conditions of Groupbuys prior to purchasing. 
  • Will you ever offer items in-stock? 
    • It is our intention to have our products sold on an in-stock format ASAP. Once market demand is determined, it will be easier to gauge how much stock we should order at any given moment. We all understand the frustration of waiting as much as you guys.