*Quality Disclaimer*

At TastyKeys, we try to bring the best that custom mechanical keyboards have to offer to our customers. This includes everything from the building experience, the keyboards themselves, or the customer service that we all want out of a premium buying experience. 

However, because we set a high standard for all of our products, we perform our own quality control in house. Due to this, there are certain boards that will not pass our QC threshold for a perfect unit. These boards will usually have minor defects that prevent it from being sold as an "A-Stock" unit. As a result, these are branded as "B-Stock" boards. 

Please keep in mind that all Groupbuy participants will receive A-Stock boards to the best of our abilities and have priority. Sales for extras after Groupbuy runs will only occur after participants have received their boards and are content - usually at least a 2-4 week period after shipment of all orders. 

"B-Stock" boards will most often only have one flaw, and are smudges or chips from the finishing stages of production. These defects are usually on an exterior face of the case - minor defects that occur within the interiors of a case which cannot be seen once the keyboard is built are not considered "B-Stock". Nonetheless, these boards will be sold at a slight discount. 

Please keep in mind that NONE of the "B-Stock" boards sold will have large imperfections such as dents or dings; and for those that have reservations to consider our "A-Stock" offerings. Thank you!


*Please refer to our FAQ for further questions.